Webbing Sling



Sample Request

Colour Code Webbing Width Loop Length Safety Factor WLL
(mm) (mm) (T) 1mtr 2mtr 3mtr 4mtr 5mtr
30 350 7:1 1000
60 350 7:1 2000
90 400 7:1 3000
150 600 7:1 5000

Edge Radius

If the edge radius is smaller than the thickness of the flat sling/round sling, the edge is considered “sharp”. Lateral movements or surface pressure can already be enough to server the lifting gear.

Edge Angle

In addition to loads with rectangular edges, there are goods with deviating shapes. These include loads with protruding edges and with sharp or jagged outer contours, such as cogwheels, turbine blades etc. These edges cannot be determined by the general rule.

Edge Shape

The shape and surface finish of the edges have a significant impact on the durability of the lifting gear. Very rough surface, such as those of a prefabricated concrete component, can very quickly damage textile lifting gear or a wipe rope.