Since 1942,

EginliogluZincir San. & Tic. (Eğinlioğlu Chain Industry and Trade) was founded in the beginning of 1940’s by MithatEginlioglu. Besides being the first chain production plant in Turkey, it is the first industrial enterprise inBalikesir, which is an organization that has made significant contributions for industrialization in the region.

In the years when EginliogluChain was founded, the chain came to our country from Czechoslovakia. MithatEginliogu starts chain production, while he was watching the master in the construction site, who made connection for earthquake withreinforcing bar. He thought that, chain could be produced by twisting the other end of the reinforcing bar. In spite of, technical incompetence and raw material shortage, MithatEginlioglu starts the production with 200 people with self-confidence, business-mind and stability. In this way, one of the first hand-made chains was produced in our country.

In the early 1950s, along with mechanization, the standard comes in quality and service. When we say mechanization, we are talking about the old, worn, and useless for production, imported machines from Europe. It was almost impossible to make these machines functional and produce, with limited capacity and missing parts. Eginlioglu Chain started involuntarily for Research and Development (R&D) management in 1980’s which was positive for being active in the sector. 

In 1978, second generation “Hasan Ali Eğinlioğlu” participated in the management; Eğinlioglu Chain. 

Our management mentality based on persistence and conventionality. This shed light to our second generation management to determine the needs of emerging economy and market requirement. Research and development activities gained speed in 1985 by Hasan Eğinlioğlu. Eğinlioğlu had seen his future better and had goals but still was not capable of creating his own technology. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, technology import grows together with mechanization. Now, Eginlioglu was able to produce and modernize his own machines with his expanding experience. The economic problem in our country in the 1990s pushed Eginlioglu to change targets. Our company, which made its first export to Germany in 1993, reaches the first base with exporting to developed countries and achieved both know-how transfer and sustainable quality. The positive feedback about our products in Europe was a success indicator for our company in this sector.

Our company, which has targeted a big market, had to prepare itself for the world market with new feasibility, technology development and management structure.

In the beginning of the 2000s, with the 3rd generation managers taking an active role in management, Branding, Marketing, Diversity in Production, R & D investments and integration in production have accelerated. All the side processes of the chain production were gathered under the roof of the company and the global competitiveness was increased. (Electro galvanizing, plastic injection lines for packing, hot dip galvanizing, heat treatment, Electrostatic powder painting)

In 2015, the name ‘Eginlioglu Chain ‘was replaced with ‘FORCE CHAIN’. The products are delivered with the new name to customers through 116 distributors in 35 countries and 4 continents. With our production capacity per month for 850 tons, we are the first three leading organizations in Europe and fulfill the large part of chain exports in Turkey.