Eğinlioğlu Zincir Sanayi Ve Ticaret which was established by Mithat Eğinlioğlu in 1942. It was the first production chain of Turkey.

More than 75 years experience, highly skilled staff, more than 50 technology chain producing lines, 4 wire drawing, 5 heat treatment electrogalvanizing, hot-dip electroplating, live 12 plastic injection lines, makes Eginlioglu make largest and most reliable production institution in Ø 2 mm-Ø16 mm chain production.

Eginlioglu Group incorporates 7 constructions. These are; Eğinlioğlu Zincir (Eginlioglu Chain), Oğullar Metal (Ogullar Metal), Eğinlioğlu AR-GE, Force Chains Germany, Force Chains Germany-Sud, Behas Foreign Trade), which are acting globally with Force Chain brand.

Chain production is Ø 2mm - Ø 16mm with DIN, NACM in special standards, Grade 100, Grade 80, Grade 70, Grade 50, Grade 43, Grade 30 in quality standards, stainless AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 316L , AISI 316T and with special alloyed steel. Lifting, Lashing, Hoist, Conveyor Systems, Agriculture, Forestry, Construction, Marine, Snow & Traction, DIY, DIN & NACM Standalone & Special Chains for Private Markets as Dry Feeding Systems, Pump Systems, Paygrounds are main markets for Force Chain.